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FOLIOz: Facilitated Online Learning as an Interactive Opportunity in Australia and New Zealand


Managing for Service Quality (MSQ)


Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the course take to complete?

For the production of a good portfolio, students should spend about 2-4 hours per week on course tasks/exercises.


How much does the course cost?

Registration Fee (GST included):

ALIA member $220


Non-member $300


What if I have to miss a few days due to holidays or work commitments?

It is possible to “catch up” within a two week extension automatically offered at the end of the course.


What if I work part-time?

Previous participants have found it possible to complete FOLIOz courses even when working on a part-time basis. Part-time participants will particularly benefit from the two week extension offered at the end of each course.


Can I join part-way through the course?

Unfortunately due to issues concerning group dynamics, together with administrative arrangements, it is only possible to participate if you have pre-registered for the course.


What if members of my buddy group do not participate?

Participants have committed themselves to the course. However, circumstances may make it impossible for a buddy to participate. During a FOLIOz course, participants are divided into small "buddy groups". Therefore if one of your buddies withdraws from the course, it will still be possible to complete the tasks set. In the event of all the other of the members of your buddy group withdrawing from the course, the FOLIOz course team will provide some alternative which will depend on the stage at which this occurs. For example during Weeks One and Two it may be possible to join “orphan” buddies from another group without disruption to the course. In Weeks Three and Four you might be paired with a member of the course team for completion of a specific task or you may be given an alternative version of the exercise that is possible to complete on your own. At all times our primary concern will be your educational progress. If you have a problem related to your buddy group then email us at efolio@sheffield.ac.uk with the message header "MSQ Buddy Group”.


What if I am unable to complete the course?

Send an email to efolio@sheffield.ac.uk with the message header "MSQ Withdrawal”. Please also let your buddy group know that you are withdrawing from the course.


NB. Please note that it may still be possible to be credited with completion of the course even if your portfolio is not quite complete. This will depend upon both the nature of your reason for non-completion and the extent of completion of the portfolio. The decision of the facilitator, to be made upon conclusion of the course, will be final.


What if a link in a course email does not work?

Some email systems will split links into two lines causing them to be broken. All you need to do is copy and paste the whole link into your Internet browser.


What if I have an unresolved query concerning the course?

You can send an email to efolio@sheffield.ac.uk.  Please include the course title "MSQ" in your email subject heading. We shall endeavour to answer your query within 48 hours. 


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